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El Sauceral Olive Oils

Discover the character and personality of our extra virgin olive oils. Mix fresh herbs such as thyme, rosemary or oregano, and add roasted garlic to infuse the oil with the most Iberian flavors. Afterwards, dip a warm crusty bread and enjoy an exciting culinary experience.

2 bottles of Cornicabra Premium Olive Oil
Cornicabra is a premium cold-pressed olive oil with a golden-green color. It is very aromatic, with notes of herbal leaves, fruity nuances such as apple or green tomato and almond. The palate shows a sweet and sour level and a spicy finish. Due to the lack of additional chemical treatment, it contains strong antioxidants and has more health benefits as a result.

1 bottle of Premium Olive Oil Arbequina
Arbequina olive oil has a fruity aroma of apple and banana. It has a delicate structure, a harmonious body and a sweet taste. Its moderately fragrant character is underscored by fine spicy accents in the aftertaste. Arbequina Premium olive oil is a product of excellent quality, obtained directly from the olives and only mechanically, without additional heat or chemical treatment.